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Hellsing Ultimate Vol 1-4 Disc 1 Blu-ray (Rental)
Hellsing Ultimate Vol 1-4 Disc 1 Blu-ray (Rental)

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Date Added: 11/13/2012

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Movie Rated TV-MA | Run Time - 90 mins

Starring: Crispin Freeman, Victoria Harwood, Patrick Seitz, Josh Phillips

The worst enemy of the Night - is one of its own... A secret war brews in the night - a war where humanity is merely a pawn. The Hellsing Organization deploys in the shadows to protect the mortal world. But now, artificially-spawned vampires have appeared, forcing Hellsing to call in their ultimate weapon - the rogue vampire, Arucard! After he transforms the dying Seras Victoria into a vampire, they join forces to combat the undead army, as well as her own newfound hunger!